Pain Relief Patch - Traditional Chinese - Medical Plaster Joint

10pcs Big Size 14*19cm Pain Relief Patch Traditional Chinese Medical Plaster Joint/Neck/Back/Shoulder Plaster

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Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Application: Body
Model Number: Pain relief patch
Size: Large
Material: Non-woven

What is it used for
Adjuvant therapy for relieving kinds of pain of neck, shoulders, waist, legs and joints.

How does it work
It’s composed of fabric cloth, Magnetic sticky strip, liner etc.
The constituent of Magnetic sticky strip is Super effective thin magnetic powder and Medical pressure-sensitive adhesive.    
To a large extent, the Super effective thin magnetic powder can potently cure and activate theses bone cells.
Permeable absorption, gradually remove swelling and bruise and unchoke and activate the veins and nerves.
Send nutrition to the spinal cord, dissolving helpfully, directly reach the source of disc potently through bones.
Pure Traditional Chinese Medicine boiled painstakingly picked and chose from more than 80 kinds of precious and rare medicinal herbs.
Fast boost the the blood circulation of the oppressive parts of your body and cure complications.
Absorption to the deep layer of your skin, curing hypertrophic parts and inflammation and relieving the oppression of nerves.
Nourish the wound parts and completely cure the aches and pains of neck, shoulders, waist and legs.
Thicker medical surface, slow effect but longstanding efficacy.
No flowing, no dripping.
Do not need to heat it when in use.
More convenient to use and good-looking.

Magnetic Plasters Advantages:
1. To absorb exudate of wound and provide an optimum temperature and environment for the wound growth.
To accelerate the synthesis of collagen.
Meantime, under the influence of magnetic field, improve micro-circulation, speed up the absorption of inflammation and boost the wound cure.
2. Directly Send Medicine to the Wound with its special potent drug molecules and thus overall avoid the hurt of oral medicine to the stomach, liver and kidney.
3. Bio-magnetic field of Magnetic Plasters effect the biological pressure massage for the wound.
4. High Targeted therapy and could be entirely absorbed by human body.
5. In medical allergy resistance non-woven cloth, breathable.
6. Directly put it on the wound. No residue left. Do not dirt your skin and clothes.

Main Cure principle:
Produce series of biological effects through the magnetic field produced by the Super effective thin magnetic powder directly effecting the human body and body transmitting the magnetic field and energy of it. And thus activate the cells tissue, increase the quantity of partial blood flow, improve blood circulation and metabolism to unchoke and activate the veins and nerves, remove humidity and coldness, invigorate the circulation of blood and cure pains.

How to Use
Please clean the painful parts with warm water and dry it.
Open the package and remove the release paper.
Put the plaster whose side has medicine onto the painful parts.
Change one plaster for every 2-3 days.

Ingredients: pseudo-ginseng, Aconitine, Speranskia tuberculata, radix clematidis etc.
Type: for relieving kinds of pain and aches of neck, shoulders, waist, legs and joints.
Size: 14*19cm
Date: 2 Years
Suggested effective dosage: 1-2 Sets
Package Quantity: 10pcs/lot
Storage: Keep it in the cool and dry indoor place where there is no corrosive gas and the relative humidity is no more than 80%.

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