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Medical plasters for back: Medical Treatment
Arthritis pain patch: Medical plaster joint pain
Chinese medicine: Medical plasters
Pain patch chinese: Chinese herbal medical plaster
Joint pain patch: Muscle pain patch

Active ingredients: Menthol, Sanqi, Safflower, Frankincense, Forsythia, Borneol, Camphor.

Feature: Strong sticky, Lasting effect.


Professional treat: Lumbar joint back pain, rheumatoid, arthritis pain and so on.


The normal palster used for 12-24hours,this plaster used for 24-48hours.


1.Wash affected part and wipe it dry.

2.apply patch on pain plaster can be used for 24-48 hours.

3.there should be an interval of 3-5 hours before using the next plaster,



1. for external use only, never take orally.

2. children should use our products under adult supervision.

3. keep it away from children

4. contraindicated in pregnancy, do not use on skin wounds, skin ulcers, and skin infections.

5. stop use if you have allergic reactions.



This product should be stored sealed in dry and airy place to protect from high temperature and fire, storage life is 3 years.


Quantity: 10 pcs/ bag


Packing: 2 bags/ lot = 20pcs

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