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Item Type: Feminine Hygiene
Quantity: 2pieces
Material: Natural Herbal
Natural Herbal: Herbs ointment


100%  brand new with high-quality natural herbal essence be more health.

Be able to have the excellent effect after continuous dosing of 10 days based on thousands of

different Customers’ experience

100% ORIGINAL COMPANY research,development, producing & selling to the customers directly

Product Ingredients:

Fischer Euphorbia Root,Aloe,Tea Tree Oil,Chrysanthemum Indicuml,Pearls,Wormwood,White Moss Skin,Honeysuckle,Cicada,Cork,Cnidium,Typhonium Gall,Soil Poria,Hundred,The Snake Tongue Grass, Safflower,Aloe,Salvia Miltiorrhiza,Angelica,Sophora Flavescens,Wild Natural Herbs.etc..


Reshaping the suppleness of the vaginal walls

Eliminating vaginal dryness to restore lubrication

Stimulating blood flow to throughout the vagina

Improving and strengthen the grip of your vagina

Naturally to increase sex pleasure & heighten orgasms

Detoxification and beauty,kill bacteria and anti-inflammation, Cleaning itching

Warm uterus and nourish ovary


Using Directions :



One course of treatment for vaginal ointment is 8 pieces.

It is advisable to use the ointment before getting up every morning and going to bed at night.

(Most people need three treatment courses).

It takes 8 - 10 days of rest between the treatment cycles

The first course of treatment and the second course of treatment.

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