3Pcs Cuticle oil nail oil Revitalizer Treatment Nutritious Polish Nail Art Repair Nail Care

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Item Type: Nail Treatment
Type: Cuticle Oil/Nourishment Oil
Ingredient: Cuticle Oil Pen
NET WT: 5ml
Quantity: 3pcs

Fruit nutrient pen easy to absorb. Easy to use.


Ingredients: grape seed oil. Amino acids. Natural keratin. Calcium. Safflower oil. Vitamin A. vitamin E. sesame oil, thymol and so on...

Method of use:

The rotating brush at the other end. The liquid will be set aside to brush and painted a skin OK.

Can also massage gently. It's easier to absorb oh.

Vitamins are very beneficial to the nail, can make the fragile nails to become strong. Promote keratinocyte protein production, so as to accelerate the healthy growth of nails.

Only belongs to the essence oil, nourishing nails or the edge of the skin, which is not dry, more moisture, shinier, at the same time, it plays a role of isolation, reduce the nail polish painted and other chemicals, on the nail surface damage. Long term use, a smooth and clean surface, the fingertip skin not unripe agnail

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