Medical Sticker Protector

40pcs Medical Sticker Protector Foot Corn Killer Calluses Plantar Warts Thorn Pain Relief Plaster Foot Care Tool

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Item Type: Foot Care Tool
Size: Reduce friction and pressure on painful calluse
Model Number: Foot Corn Removal Patch
Type: Foot Patch
Material: Foot sticker


Foot Corn Removal.Reduce friction and pressure on painful calluse

Using method:
Before the use will affected area soaks 10 minutes with the hot water, Wipe dry.
Tear off the cover film of the product, posted on affected area.
Every  day one piece ,after 5-7 days.
If the affected area softening become white,and feel a little pains,(Should first remove the white softened layer).
If you do not find the phenomenon above, can be extended with time, until the corns all fall off so far.

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