Disposable Masks - Medical Anti-Dust

50 PCS. 4 Filter Layer Non-Woven Black Activated Carbon Disposable Masks Medical Anti-Dust

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1: please put the magic belt along the shape, in order to prevent dirty air.

2: if you are not enough to protect, please pull the three layer folded down.

3: the white material part of the mask on the inside, both ends of the tightening band hung on the ears.

Matters needing attention:

1: when the feeling of odor, please change the use of new masks.

2: the degree of pollution and the degree of pollution is too heavy or unknown environment do not use.

3: This product is a one-time use.

Specification 175mm*95mm

Packing: each only one plastic bag, 50 boxes, 2000 boxes.

Material specifications:

Moisture proof layer (outer layer)

- to prevent fog, water vapor infiltration.

Activated carbon layer (in one layer)

- adsorption of harmful gases in the human body, to eliminate odor.

Filter mesh layer (two layers)

- barrier micro dust. Bacteria invade the human body.

Ultra flexible fine fiber layer (inner layer)

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