Shoulder Hand Carrier

Adjustable Ski snowboard easy backpack cross Shoulder Hand Carrier Lash Handle Dual Board Strap bag

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Material: Polyester


Color: Black
Material: EVA + Nylon
Weight: 63g
Packaging: OPP Bags

Carrying the ski board in your hand or on your shoulder.
Fixed ski board head, to prevent friction board head to damage the ski board bottom.
Fixing the board, to prevent loosening.
Pull ring on the nylon buckle, you don\\\'t take off your gloves to pull the nylon buckle.

How to use dual board snowboard straps:
1. A snowboard with two straps, one for the board head, the other fixed Intermediate.
2. The white rubber strap pad sandwiched in the middle of two board, clamping.
3. Pull the nylon buckle tightening.

Package Includes:
1 X Dual Board Snowboard Straps

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