Pearl Cream

Authentic Thai Arche Pearl Cream pearl beauty cream skin lightening

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Use: Face
Item Type: Cream
Ingredient: Botanical Stone pearl powder propolis petrolatum mineral oil spices
Gender: Unisex
Feature: Whitening
NET WT: 1pc
Suitable for: General
Specification: normal specifications
Efficacy: Acne / anti acne, nourishing the skin after sun repair

Product introduction: absolute assurance (NO Lead) lead-free; no mercury, no mercury (No Mercury); no matter (No Hydroquinone).
Applicable scope: students, office workers, Miss Teen housewife and all cherish my lady.
Ingredients: plant extracts, tea tree oil, talc, pearl powder, propolis, petrolatum, mineral oil, spices

Method of use:
1 pearl cream available in long acne rub, after washing the face painted a thick layer on the surface, wake up the next day to wash, usually can rub a little bit of isolation in the local sources of pollution. (for acne balance grease
MI can also help)...
2. Usually when maintenance as long as a thin layer of coating, targeted spots. Freckles or chicken pox spots, etc. strengthen, used in the emulsion before use (in order according to personal habits), pearl cream is belongs to the field of skin care products
Can wipe, day and night, don't need makeup...
3 pearl cream as a foundation to use:
(oily skin)
Summer: water + lotion, apply Pearl Cream (makeup can be sponge or finger)
Winter: water + refreshing moisturizing cream, apply Pearl Cream (ibid)
(dry skin)
Summer: water + moisture lotion, apply Pearl Cream (ibid)
Winter: water + moisturizing cream, apply Pearl Cream (ibid)

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