Koh-kae Snack Peanut Coffee Flavor Coated Net Wt 45 G (1.58 Oz) X 4 Bags

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Koh-kae Snack Peanut Coffee Flavour Coated Net Wt 45 G (1.58 Oz) X 4 Bags

Delicious & Crispy Peanut Coffee Flavour Coated Snacks.
0% Cholesterol.
Made from Espresso Coffee 100%.
Product of Thailand.(Ship from Thailand)

You can chew while relaxing at home, you can chew while at work, you can chew over a ball game, you can chew by yourself or you can chew with a group of friends – whichever way, the crunchiness of Koh-Kae Peanut Coffee Flavour Coated is a most delicious and enjoyable activity for your mouth. Koh-Kae has been Thailand’s favorite peanut snack for over 30 years. By 2000, our work system was awarded ISO 9001 certification by BVQI Institute, followed by the GMP and HACP system certification by BVQI in 2002.