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Mini Drum Set Finger Touch Drumming LED Light Musical Drums Instruments Educational Music Toys

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Style: Multifunctional All-in-one Type
Diameter: <10 inch
Divided by Drum Number: 5-drum Kit
Model Number: Mini Finger Drums
Hit the drums and feel the beat with the mini musician Finger Drum Kit.
Simply strike the tom for toms, snare drum, bass drum and cymbals and you'll be a beat crashing Rock God in no time!
Features a Game mode, Freestyle mode and even a record function so that you can play back your favorite drum solos.
The Finger Drums are silver and black with the cool Finger Drums logo in the middle of the main drum!

Name: Mini Finger Drum Set
Package Size: 18 X 12 X 11cm
Product size: 16 X 10 X 10cm
Material: Plastic Electronics
Power: 3 AAA batteries (not included)
Weight: 260g
Vision Training --- Training aesthetic vision and creativity!
Training --- tactile texture inspired by cognitive and tactile awareness!
Auditory training --- inspire the development of hearing and understanding of sound!

Touch sensitive desktop electronic drumset.
This tiny drumset that really works. Unlike a desktop guitar that wouldn't really work.
Great sound of internal speaker.
Tap with your fingers to play the drums or cymbals.
Will not go deaf and drive away your neighbors in the process of learning on this desktop drum kit.
Finger drum is really fun to play.
A must item for children uses and gifts.
Ideal design for demonstrating your drum music by your own through touch panel.
Contains touch panels for all components, including Bass, Cymbal & 3 Side Drums.
Just touch the panel with your fingertips, and music would be voiced.
Performs Demo / Record / Playback function.
Played with your fingertips. No drum stick required.
Simply strike the drums and each will light up.

1) Finger Drums is a table top electric drum set. Smacking the top of the large tom tom, small tom tom,
    or snare drum causes Finger Drums to play the respective sound from its internal speaker.
    A cool light also flashes inside the drum.
    Press the foot pedal of the bass drum or slap the cymbal to activate their sounds.
2) If your skills permit, you can record your little ditty and play it back for your friends.
     Also includes a "demo" button which shows you how awesome the Finger Drums can be...
     and how much more practice you'll need to become the next Keith Moon of the Finger Drums.
3) Game mode :
    1. Press the start button (the button on the front ).
        You can pause the game by pressing the button again, re-press to re-activate.
    2. The drum or cymbals will light up one at a time randomly, hit the drums or cymbals is lit.
         If you hit the wrong one, you will lose two of 6 lives and one of LED will light up.
         Once you lose the 6 lives, your game will be over. (press start to play a new game )
    3. There are 5 levels of difficulty which are indicated by different sound effects and music.

Package included:
1 X Mini Finger Drum Set

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