Organic Lavender Foot Care Exfoliating - Foot Mask Peeling

Organic Lavender Foot Care Exfoliating Foot Mask Peeling Pied Anti Fungal For Athletes Deodorant Fresh Baby Feet

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Use: Foot
Ingredient: Leaves.Bamboo vinegar.lavender.Vitamin E
NET WT: 130g
Brand Name: OneSpring
Type: Foot Patch
Product Name: Foot mask.bamboo vinegar foot patch
Functions: Relieve tension.improve the fatigue.eliminate constipation
Advantage: Improve sleep.feet skin care.remove toxin.
Effect : Improving sub health discomfort.eliminate stains
Suitable Age: Unlimited.relieve fatigue.the net body skin
Suitable for: Health foot care.swelling will disappear
Item Type : Foot care .skin care products.beautify the skin
Use for Face: Detoxification enduring beauty products
Quality Inspection: Qualified.effectively remove the body of toxins
Expiration Date: 24 months.promote metabolism.eliminate smelly feet


foot patch.peaceful both feet.The skin is ruddy.Slimming.warm skin.improve body balance.Light and fit




Bamboo vinegar. leaf extract. shell hard protein powder. Campanulaceae extract. lavender extract. grape seed oil PEG-8 esters. Tourmaline. ascorbic acid (vitamin C). mineral salts

[Product efficacy]

light and fit. natural and comfortable. mild care.peaceful sleep. care both feet.foot patch light and fit. natural and comfortable. It can be applied for 8 hours. care for beautiful feet. relax your mind.Be absorbed by the skin through the foot patch. improve body balance. so that you can sleep peacefully.

[How to use]

1  Strip away release paper.

2  Fix the powder bag to the center of the foot.

3  Paste before going to bed and tear up after getting up

changes after applied

The black and greasy dirt came out.

[Net weight]

10 pieces / 5 bags