LED Facial Mask

Photon Electric LED Facial Mask Skin Rejuvenation Anti Acne Wrinkle Therapy Beauty NEW Red Blue Laser

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Type: Facial Mask
Power Source: Electric
Commodity Quality Certification: CE

Activate collagen: Promote skin collagen growth, make the skin more translucent and white.

Tighten skin: Shrink pores, improve fine lines, make the skin more smooth and elastic.

Accelerate detoxification: Effectively accelerate skin metabolism rate, promote the excretion of toxins of skin.

Increase oxygen: Promote skin permeability,restore youthful luster.

Repair skin: Promote blood circulation, weaken freckles and red bloodshot.


7 color light, each color light has different effects and solve different skin problems:

Red light--Activate collagen, weaken splash, remove wrinkle and shrink pores.

Blue light--Deep sterilization and anti-inflammatory, remove acne.

Green light--Balance oil and relieve fatigue.

Yellow light--Supply cell energy, increase active oxygen.

Purple light--Treat acne and remove scars, repair skin.

Clear blue light--Enhance cell energy, promote metabolism.

Laser light(White light)--Speed up metabolism, improve fine lines and sagging skin.



Don’t let the LED mask soaked in water, wipe with a damp cloth, and the bandage can be washed.

Don’t use corrosive chemical solvents to clean the mask.

Don’t squeeze, fold or heavy press the LED mask.

Prohibited people: Pregnant women, children, epileptic patients, thyroid patients, lights allergy people or medicine use can cause lights allergy people, skin wounded people and etc., any discomfort, please ask the doctor and follow the doctor's advice.


How to use?

Step 1: Take a picture before using the mask to compare the results before and after using.

Step 2: Wash your face before the treatment.

Step 3: Press and hold the "Power Switch" button to switch the LED mask on.

Step 4: Press the "Time-" "Time+" buttons to set the time, press the "Color" button to set the color mode, press the "Energy-" "Energy+" buttons to adjust the light intensity.(Avoid eyes to look straight to the light source or look at the light source for a long time, you’d better close your eyes when operation.)

Step 5: Press "ON/OFF" button to start the use.

Step 6: Wear the mask.(The light intensity can be adjusted to the weakest before fixing, when completed, then adjust the light intensity.)



Voltage: 100-240V~50/60Hz

Material: ABS

Applicable skin: Most skin

Function: Whitening, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-aging and etc.

Treating time: 15-20 minutes(Recommend)

LED color: 7 Colors(Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Clear blue, Laser)

LED quantity: 150pcs

Mask color: White 

Size: 23.5*19cm (Length*Width)

Bare mask weight: 390g

Total net weight: 626g


Package Content:

1 x LED Mask

1 x Bandage

1 x Power adapter

1 x USB controller

1 x USB cable

1 x User manual(English)