Premium Grade - Microfiber Applicators Sponges - Car Care Wax Polishing

Premium Grade Microfiber Applicators Sponges, Cloths, Blue 12*8*4cm Car Care Wax Polishing Pack of 8

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Item Type: Sponges, Cloths & Brushes
Item Diameter: 12cm
Item Length: 12cm
Item Weight: 0.13kg
Item Width: 8cm
Material Type: Microfiber
Item Height: 4cm
Special Features: Super Thick Plus Microfiber

The Premium Grade Microfiber Applicators are ideal for evenly applying wax, sealants, glazes, dressings and your favorite conditioners.


These microfiber applicators are inside-stitched two times to ensure the edges will never touch the surface of your paint.  This reduces the chance of surface scratches and it improves the application of the product. 


These applicators are professional-grade, they are gentle yet strong and highly absorbent. The microfiber fabric is wrapped around a plush, durafoam pad that is engineered to deliver just the right amount of pressure to easily mold itself to the surface and deliver just the right amount of product without saturating the sponge or wasting product.  Reliable and long lasting


This microfiber applicator is 100 percent machine washable. It is easy to wash using your favorite detergent. Toss it right into the washing machine for easy care. Just be sure to wash them separately from other laundry, to keep them lint free. As with all microfiber products, never expose them to fabric softener. Fabric softener will reduce their static properties and cause the microfiber to clean/spread less effectively. They can be line dried or machine dried on low setting, again, separately from other laundry.

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