Rose Smooth creamy

Rose Smooth creamy balm Solid perfume Tenderness Peach Rose Whitening, Moisturizing

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Item Type: Cream
Use: Face
Gender: Unisex
Model Number: full size
Feature: Moisturizing
Ingredient: Aroma,Glycerin, hyaluronic acid, plant extract
NET WT: 40g

Both balm and skincare cream

Gently touch, such as instantaneous melting ice cream

Cold Cream:Also called balm or skin cream,Mostly water-in-oil emulsion. When applied to the skin, water separates,Water vapor absorption heat,gives a cool feeling to the skin,so called cold cream.High-quality cold cream is smooth and shiny,No oil or water separation phenomenon,no shrinkage, no streaks, moderate consistency, easy to apply.

Balm:The main ingredient of the balsam is oleoresin, Volatile aroma after contact with the body lasts 3-4 hours.The diffuse invention of perfume has changed from strong to thin process,but the balsam is a slow and even release of aroma,so also called”Solid perfume”.

The combination of natural and technological innovation.

Make skin tempting

New perfume skin cream.

Sedation: Fast penetration, soothing skin

Aroma: Lasting fragrance, intoxicating

Refreshing: Absorbs quickly, refreshingly oil-free.

Nourish:Deeply replenish water and promote absorption.

Protection:Glycerine protective film, long-term protection.