Snail sunscreen cream 100ml,Protection Face Cream Disaar Sunblock 90++ Protective Cream Pigmentation SPF

Snail sunscreen cream 100ml,Protection Face Cream Disaar Sunblock 90++ Protective Cream Pigmentation SPF

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Item Type: Sunscreen
Use: Face
Ingredient: 100% natural extractNET WT:100 ml
Model Number: Disaar Sunblock 90++ Protective Cream
NET WT: 100ml
Product categories: Sunscreen lotion / Cream
Product series: Sunscreen cream
Product name: Sunscreen cream
Intended for: currency
Sun protection index: SPF90PA++
The value of PA: PA++
Specifications: Normal specification

Product description:

Product is a set of waterproof, anti sweat, oil, isolation, sunscreen, cover blemish, nourish moisturizing, repair as one of the protective products.

The main features of this product are: isolation, sunscreen, cover the defect, fresh texture is not greasy, light is not heavy after use.


Contains sunscreen factor, the formation of soft protective film on the skin surface, you can prevent isolation, filtration, reflection, scattering of sunlight in the UVA, UVB and dust in the atmosphere, etc.. The exposure to the sun, to prevent skin sunburn and produce premature senility.


Warm natural sunscreen with natural plant essence and VC, can give the skin full of nutrients, and can protect the skin moisture, prevent sunburn, VE ingredients can enhance the role of sunscreen.

Green tea extract antioxidant factor, reduce the environment, UV and water shortages caused by factors such as skin damage, improve and repair the skin texture.


Special formula to make the product a mild and refreshing texture is not greasy, after the use of light does not plug the pores. Feed the shiny face, while products are waterproof, anti sweat effect, also not afraid of fall in outdoor water.


UVA, UVB effects on skin: sunburn, skin laxity, dull skin, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dry aging, sun red, Tan, drying and peeling, sunburn


Apply to skin: any skin and slightly sensitive skin can be applied

Usage: After skin cleansing and refreshing, apply some evenly on the face. Can also be used for rendering purposes before makeup (even oily skin, make makeup will not cause the powder off)