Wild Yam, Nature Herbs Revitalizer for Male Enhancement Prevent Erectile Dysfunction Product made of Epimedium Ginseng Rhodiola Lycium

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Type: Plants Extract
Item Type: Weight Loss Creams
Model Number: OH
NET WT: 50g
Shape: Powder
Quantity: 50g/lot
Effect: male enhancement
Ingredients: All Natural TCM Herbs Extraction
Processing: Ultra Low Temperature Purification and Extraction
Dosage: 5g/each time, 3 times a day after meal
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Storage: Keep in Dry Cool Places, Away from Sun and Heat

It is a proved effective herb formulation for natural male enhancement and prevention of erectile dysfunction since Tang Dynasty (AD 618—907) in Ancient China.  

Revitalizer for Male Enhancement, Prevent Erectile Dysfunction, Energy Booster


· Proprietary - Formulated on the basis of ancient secret Chinese formula of over 10 herbs for erectile dysfunction /male enhancement.

· All natural, Effective and Safe; Fast Acting,

· Could just take 40 minutes before sex;

· Only Use it before sex on a-need-basis;

· Keeps Working (Lasts) for 2 or 3 hours

· Attain harder, stronger and more frequent erections,

· Increase sexual libido,

· Decrease premature ejaculation;

· Improvement of kidney's function and prostate health,

· Anti-fatigue,

· Enhancement of Immune system

How it works

This formula improves blood circulation in penile tissues and modulates muscular, neuromuscular and central nervous system functions, and these are keys for proper erection and prostate health. It is natural and holistic. It's clinically tested, safe and effective and has been used by Chinese for over 1,500 years.

Ingredients of the formula for Male Enhancement and Erectile Dysfunction

· Epimedium (Herba epimedii)

· Ginseng (Radix ginseng)

· Wild Yam (Rhizoma dioscoreae )

· Lycium (Lycium Chinese Mill)

· Cistanche deserticola Ma (Cistanche Salsa(C.A.Mey)Benth.et Hook.f. )

· Raspberry (Rubus Chingii Hu)

· Euryale ferox Salisb (Semen Euryales)

· Schisandra Fruit (Fructus schisandrae)

· Poria fungus (Poria Cocos(Schw)Wolf)

· Longan Ari (Euphoria Longan(lour.)